Nexx Generation Art

  • Nexx Generation Art
    (N.G.A) Nexx Generation Art.
  • Nexx Generation Art (NGA) is an art based club that is recently established at the Edna Manley College school of the Visual and Performing Arts. It aim is to enhance the drawing and overall skill of each individual through various practices and activities.
  • The shape and design of the logo was inspired by  The koru (Maori for "loop" or "fold"). It is a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizing new. The shape of the Koru is also found in ancient caves as cave drawings also another reason why i reference it in the design of the logo.
  • Nexx Gen Art (colours and their meanings which when added together they sum up the four main aspects of art which the  Edna Manley College emphasis, these aspects are Visual art, Music, Dance, and Drama) 
  • Nexx Gen Art (coloured, black and white)
  • Nexx Gen Art (stylized)
  • Nex Gen Art
  • Nex gen Art (black and white, monochrome, gray scale and coloured)
  • Nexx Gen Art (business card)
  • Nexx Gen Art (branding)
  • Nexx Gen Art (branding)
  • Nexx gen Art (iPhone and iPad ad)
  • Nexx Gen Art (T-Shirt with logo)
  • Nexx Gen Art