• My Word Is Yours
    In a collaboration project we were to work with the Maori language school to visualise their writings typographically. The Maori students wrote small proverbs of one to six sentences of a variety of different themes. We were then to choose a proverb that we wanted to work with to create two poster designs expressing different aspects of the writing.
    The proverb I worked with was:Tangohia mai te kawenga i aku pakihiwi, kia mauria au tētahi tamaiti. Ka kitea atu e ia te pae ki mamao, me whai ake ma māua
    Which translates to:Take this burden from my shoulders that I may carry a child. He will see the distant horizons that we will achieve together
    In conceptualizing for this project I decided that I needed to create my own font if I wanted to heavily manipulate it and truly communicate my message. I made the font I have used in both of my posters from the ground up, aiming for a modern, strongly vertical appearance, but still paying homage to traditional Maori design.

    This poster is based around the idea that by rediscovering ones inner child, you can experience a release of burdens and responsibilities. You can see what truly matters and the new perspective can give you a fresh take on your life. I have expressed that through type manipulation, blending, overlapping and stressing the type at the top, which then thins out at the bottom. This shows the contrast of experiences that can be felt by embracing the new perspective on life.
    My second poster is designed to show the more carefree, fun-loving person you can become. The expressive watercolour painted look yells fun, creativity and childishness. The colours used are hinting at an abstract landscape, a sunset over the horizon.