Motel hotel branding / brand identity

  • The branding Motel hotel is born after the renewal of the commercial activity of a Motel, whose origins reach back to the first decade of 1900. If until now Motel had acquired the function of a hosting structure of extremely low price, confirming the stereotype the majority of B movies portray of these structures, today Motel, with this new branding project, experiences a rebirth as inn, on a passageway, that doesn't lack any confort of the most expensive hotels.

    The brand is well characterized by the presence of a red stamp. This can be used to place the date in each part of the visual identity, day by day, customer by customer. With this expedient, the visual identity of Motel aims to remember to customers in which exact days they’ve enjoyed Motel’s hospitality, since that days where special for the innkeepers.

    The decision of the paper has been a natural consequence: ivory acid free paper, handwritten and recycled paper want to suggest the warmth and the caring almost domestic/homely which the motel's staff offers to guests.
the entire brand is hand-made and printed at home on request to maintain the hand-made spirit which is so important for the owners of motel.
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