Minnetonka Center for the Arts

  • Minnetonka Center for the Arts
    Variable logo
  • The Minnetonka Center for the Arts is a non-profit organization that was created to provide people of all ages with the opportunity to express themselves through the arts. The center is made up of a community of people from around the Minnetonka area that know the importance of art in people’s lives. The current identity doesn’t seem to grasp the individuality of the center or the community of people it represents.

    I wanted to create an identity based on the thought of art being a way to express oneself, as if it were to be a new language. The challenge was to take an idea and simplify it enough to communicate this new language without making it unrecognizable. To express the feeling of this new language I created a variable logo using Minnetonka in a dynamic way. When I began to break up the word Minnetonka it created new words and sounds. When Minnetonka begins to be broken at different points creating lines that make new words. The result of experimenting with breaking the word Minnetonka at different points, is a strong variable logo that communicates the diversity of the Minnetonka center for the arts, and the idea that art is a language all its own. The variable logo acts as a language and identity of an artistic community.