Microfields (Mikro Alanlar) - AMBER FEST'11

  • Microfields

    exhibited in Amber'11 Art and Technology Platform
  • Microfields is an interactive full CG movie, leading the user to interact via an interrelated sculptural controller, environing the concept of "organization of energy" in an imaginary constructed city system. 

    The content of the project has basically stemmed out of the contemporary changes in the physical and social environment around us, changes regarding the human-based construction and destruction of the natural formations through emotional and technological deviations as a result of human's desire to live better in short term. 

    The movie is visualized to be a prototype of an ecosystem, symbolizing human's lived and unlived environments, and how human’s maintained yet unpredictable energy is directed to this system.

  • Here is our gadget! 

    Made out of waste stuff i found at home, such as my broken headphones, a broken metal haircomb, some dead toy's wire strings, toothpicks etc. I have placed a basic circuit with an IR laser inside which basicly is the mode of interaction in this project (laser&camera)
  • Above are stills from the final output. The first image is from the documentation video, where the project is played first time by a user, he holding the sculptural controller in his hand, is already in the 3rd level of the game!

    In the 2nd image we see how the user produces bubbles on the screen via controller, and when he finds the right spot, as in the 3rd image, the loader loads to a full circle leading him to pass to the next scene. That's the basic flow of the movie when controlled by the user.