• Developed for Match.com

    copy: Curtis Peterschmidt

    art direction: Michele Morales
    • When it comes to relationships we all want to be happy. So why are so many women settling for just content? Love Him or Leave Him is a game where women can hold their relationships up to the ultimate fire leaving the verdict up to the online community. How will their boyfriend stand up in the court of public opinion? They have to play to find out.

  • Upload page. Here women submit a photo of their boyfriend, take the relationship quiz and there's even a small box where they can make a case for the relationship or express any doubts they are struggling with.
  • The boyfriend is then put directly into the game, where strangers get to decide if he's a stud or dud by clicking either “love him” or “leave him.”
  • At the end of the week votes are tallied and the results are revealed. Looks like this one's not a keeper. Wah, wah, wahhhhhh!
  • Alt Piece creates buzz for the game at the point of contention.