Marché F&B Project

  • Marché F&B Project
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  • The project is about designing a F&B space with an adjacent retail section in a shop house at Robertson Quay, Singapore. The selected brand is Marché, a Swiss originated restaurant that has a unique concept of serving the guests. It offers authentic dining experience to mid-to-upper level pricing for in house dining fits perfectly in to the surroundings. Marché restaurant has a concept of Swiss traditional market with a lot of stalls and overwhelming food inside, their food quality is amazing, also the preparation of the food is in front of the guest therefore guests are able to experience how fresh and fast the traditional market is. The Marché restaurant has the bakery shop located outside. They also have the merchandise inside the restaurant.
    The issues that the original Marché restaurant has is the facade of the restaurant is not showing the restaurant itself so many people not so familiar with Marché as a restaurant because the facade is only bakery shop and the restaurant is not visible from outside. Marché bakery is outstanding, however the baking process is hidden. Bakery shop could be more attractive if they could show the baking process to the pedestrians. The last but not least, the merchandise is located in the middle of the restaurant and guests is not very attracted of the merchandise while they are walking around and looking for food.
    The Marché Restaurant requires a lot of stalls such as the meat stall, seafood stall, soup stall, cakes with desserts stall, and many more therefore Marché restaurant will take up quite a lot of spaces. They still also need the dining areas, storage rooms, cleaning room for washing the dishes. They need the bakery shop outside the restaurant to increase their revenue and also attract pedestrians. Merchandise is also required to be installed to increase their revenue. Reception for the check in and cashier for the check out counter are also need to be provided as well.
    The design intention is to have the concept of the traditional Swiss house and also has the environment of the traditional Swiss market within the restaurant. Luring the guests with all the food and stalls, also providing them with the live cooking in every stall giving them the unique experience of dining. The design aim to make the guests to enjoy the environment and convenient within the space therefore they could enjoy more food that Marché offer, and at the same time, it also increasing the Marché restaurant’s revenue. The merchandise need to be placed outside near pedestrians, reception, and cashier so guests who are queueing in either check in or check out counter as well as the pedestrians who are just passing-by could pay more attention to the merchandise. The baking process in the bakery shop is need to be more visible as well again to attract pedestrians to buy some of the bread that Marché restaurant offers.