• MADFest
    Visual Identity
  •  A1 Poster
    A poster which was used to promote the event, date, time, information etc.
  •  A2 Poster

    An A2 poster was designed so that people could use the posters to promote their event/activity/workshop/exhibtion, but still show that they were all working the same umbrella, which was MADFest.
  • 'Clings'

    The clings where used as a simple way finding system, rather than using arrows to show where places are, the clings where used to 'mark territory' and show that areas where part of MADFest.
  • Tote Bags
     The tote bags where given to people when they arrived at MADFest. Inside where two coloured pencils, one a warm red and the other, was a blue. Both colours are a main part of the identity colour palette.
    The bag was designed so that it can be used outside of the event, without people feeling like walking, talking advertisements.

  • Programme of Events
     A small A5 booklet consisting of 24 pages, plus a front and back cover, using three pantone colours and cyclus paper (100% Post Consumer Waste), 115gsm inside the booklet and 200gsm for the cover.
  •  Identity T-shirt Design
  • Interactive
    Comments Wall