M Magazine

  • M Magazine
    M Magazine is a fictional primary source of minimalist inspirations in different forms of art and design categories. It covers the latest and the best minimal inspirations, trends, news, and resources around the world from different artists and designers. It is a monthly published, trade magazine that specifically aim for creative professionals from occupations like architecture, art, fashion, photography, and graphic design.

    This assignment is about conceptualizing a new magazine, and my goal is to reflect the concept of minimalism through the design, simple photography, and simplified advertisements of the whole magazine. Through this project and my instructor Marc English's guidance, I've learned more that minimalism doesn't have to be lazy, monotonous, and boring. It could be complex, meaningful, and crafted, but still reflects simplicity and emphasizing on the core essence of communication.
  • Process:
  • (Articles and copywriting are from existing internet articles about the minimalism topic)