Logotype & Application

  • A study of logotypes, and the expression conveyed through the letterforms. The assignment was to develop a logotype for an existing institution or group. The logotype itself was intending to convey the feminine energy of the Supremes and evoke the look and style of the 1960s in America. The applications were designed to express two different tones for the fictional event of the 50th Anniversary Tribute Concert. The first of the two distinct tones, are somber and nostalgic, with a darker, blue green and more linear, restrained typography. The second is more celebratory, with a brighter, yellowy green and bolder typography. The typographic styles for the two were also applied to concert tickets, to show how the identities could apply to multiple deliverables.

    Professor: Heinz Schenker
    Course: Type/Text Design II
    Quarter: Winter 2010