Live On Youth Conference 2012

  • Live On Youth Conference 2012 - PROMOS/ID

    This is a collection of work that was done by Subdue28 Branding & Visual Communication for Live On Youth Conference 2012. Live On Youth Conference is a national Christian even that takes place on the East Coast every year. I had the pleasure of creating some of the major identity elements used for the conference, as well as, some of the promotional materials. Check them out below! 
  • CREDITS"Racing Towards The Finish Line" Photography by LeinaElysia Photography 


  • Official Logo
  • Postcard Front 
  • Instagram Photo - Back of Postcards done by Josh Cross for J.Cross Innovations
  • Custom Cover for Facebook Page
  • Official T-Shirt Design
  • Official Bag Design 
  • Detail Instagram Photo - Printing of T-Shirt & Bags by Jeanette Mayo for The Advertising Specialist, LLC. 
  • Design for Instagram Photo Challenge 
  • Logo Incorporated into Set Design - commissioned by Mike Kelly of Suffolk, VA.