• L'Arrière Boutique / LAB
    Licence project 3rd year
  • Today our days are not long enough anymore to do all that we want to do. So now we need a 24/7 space if we want to do everything.

    Shop ? Go to our boutiques by day
    Eat out ? Go to our restaurant day and night
    Have a cup of coffee or a drink ? Go to our café by day and our bar by night.
    Study or work ? Go to our bookshop by day and our library by night.
    See an exhibition or create an artwork ? Go to our gallery by day and our creative workshop by night.
    See a film ? Hear a concert ? Go to our theater by day and our concert hall by night.

    Anything is possible in « L’ARRIERE BOUTIQUE » where day and night are inseparable.
     Before, people had to change places and go elswhere. Now it is the place that will change.
    The passage from day to night is suggested by the contrast between black and white.

    This is a virtual art direction project where i used my skills in video/animation (after effect), photo, typography, web design and illustration.
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