Kuma | The Glowing Soft Toy

  • KumaThe Glowing Soft Toys
  • Our survey showed that the majority of children, nowadays suffer from nyctophobia, fear of the dark. Through our project, we aim to provide a creative way to help our younger audience overcome this fear.

    Kuma is a new brand of toys that able to glow in the dark. It is a soft toy for children to hug at bedtime, and lovable enough to carry around as a playmate. Unlike conventional electric lamps, Kuma does not need to be "charged" and cause electricity wastage. The idea of having this glowing soft toy is also aim to cut down the usage of electricity in some of the household as well as kids able to sleep well thru out the night without any lights on.

    We hope that from our toys, from our toy story, we're able to provide the kids a sense of positive value, we hope that our toys can encourage the kids to be brave, stay calm when you're anxious, care for each other and protect for your loved one. Each of the toy has its own characteristic, strength and weakness just like the kids. No one is perfect and that's why they're together to help out each other. 

    However, kids are the primary target audience but we also have secondary target audience which is toys collector.

  • The very beginning | the initial stage of character design.
  • Second stage |  Vector coloring.
  • Final stage of character in vector style. Refined version from second stage, changes on enhancing their characteristic to be more outstanding than each other.

     Poppee(left) looks fatter as it serves as a "food provider" like how the kids are given a sweet when they seek doctor, the ability to calm and comfort people. It has a magic hat that all foods are stored inside. It plays as a role of comforting Letee(right) and to make Fabbee(middle) to wake up/move by giving them a lollipop!

    Fabbee (middle) looksstronger as it is strong and brave enough to protect the rest but the laziest among all and that's why the half-closed eyes are on it. Very lazy to move unless it is given a lollipop.

     Letee (right), the one who always in alert mode, its eyes look like wide open as it tend to get anxious very easily when it discover something strange, the fun thing of Letee is that it can glow immediately when it get nervous, like the alarm. When Letee starts to glow, Poppee and Fabbee can glow easily with the light source from Letee.  
  • Tada! The 3D version of Kuma. Done in Cinema4D.
    360 degree preview for one of the character here:-
  • (from left to right)  Letee, Fabbee and Poppee are glowing! *Mock up*
  • Screenshot of Kuma sitting on rooftop watching comet.
    Interact here (swf file)
  • Contact page (website).
  • User able to play the interactive installation. It is a webcam motion tracking.
  • When the user move, the kuma(in round) will track their direction and follow as well.
    What the user has to do is only move to left and right and to kick off the monster.
  • Each hits will gain you 1 mark. The highest hit would get freebies and a Kuma soft toy.
  • Note that all swf files(the animations) here are done by my group mate: Shin Yi (http://redshinyi.com/) whereas storyboarding by Thew Wen Li (http://whereistheland.com/) and I'm incharge of 3D modelling & the webcam motion tracking.