Krasula Pierogi Bar brand development

  • Krasula
    A pop-up pierogi bar
  • Krasula is a pop-up pierogi bar that brings modern Polish flavor to the bustling New York food scene. By elevating pierogi using farm-fresh ingredients, we bring gourmet to the streets. 

    Eastern European soul food - the pierogi is a half-moon shaped dumpling, traditionally made by hand, filled with sweet or savory ingredients. At Krasula menu offerings are simple, made with fresh, natural ingredients, and an array of rejuvenated pierogi fillings, toppings, and whole grains. However you will always find, the traditional pierogi such as potato & cheese and cabbage on the menu. We cater to the traditional eater, as well as the vegetarian, the vegan and the gluten free conscious persons. We serve pierogi for everyone!
    Krasula is a self-initiated project, conceived out of my love for Pierogi and the need of elevating Polish culinary culture in New York. I have fully branded the bar, re-designed the recipes and sauces, stylized the food plates, designed the physical experience of the space and came up with a well thought out business model. I'm currently raising the funds to build the space, and purchase the equipment needed. To learn more or to sign up for pierogi party please visit the website:

  • The container serves as a pop-up bar, and it is made out of a refurbished 20'x60' shipping container. It is fully foldable, the four walls detach for easy transport and spacial flexibility. The front wall folds down, and serves as a flooring, allowing room for additional seating. The Krasula sign is neon.
  • Uniform design. The uniforms are inspired by the colors of Polish flag. Each pocket houses a pierogi, the logo is silk-screened on the lower portion of the apron. Wrist bands are designed to add further brand emphasis.
  • The menu changes depending on a given season and it is divided into 3 categories, meat, vegetarian and sweet.
  • Example of the menu, and other offerings.
  • These examples of the savory selection. 
  • Pierogi is all about the goodness inside. Krasula celebrates the simplicity of food by exposing the ingredients used. The dough is made simply without any eggs or sour cream, eliminating the cholesterol content. These ingredients make whole wheat mushroom and cabbage pierogi with sauteed onions. 
  • To go containers. Inspired by the half - circle shape of a pierogi, each comes with a lid, and stocks for easy storage. Made out of bio-digredable materials. 
  • VFork. Custom designed to serve a dual function a fork or a tong depending on the usage. Made out of bio-degradable materials. 
  • Krasula pop-up bar, a custom stand build specifically for the Brooklyn Night Bazaar event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.