Kaylad 2.0 [2011]

  •  Sketches, form exploration and LEGO technics tilting  system evaluation mock-up.
  • Suspensions work individually on each wheel.

    Safer, easier and fun to ride.
  • Tilting.
    Tilts like a classic bicycle.
    Intuitive and fun to ride. 
  • Handle bar turning.
  • Luggage securing system.
    Safe and secure system for caring personal bag/backpack.
    Personal luggage in front of user decreases looting and theft.
    Better balance when riding.
  • Integrated locking system.

    No need to carry additional locking system.
    Easier to use, always with the bike.
  • K - trolley.

    Heavy duty caring trolley.
    Locks and secures in Kaylad, thus, greater balance is possible while caring large additional weight.
  • Battery concept.