Issue 003 - Trilogy

  • Issue 003 - Trilogy
  • Our issue 003 leads with the UK's most poetic and up-and-coming band The Heartbreaks; including an exclusive Uppror video interview after their recent tour supporting Carl Barat. American actress Ashleigh Sumner talks art and running for her life. We have a rare interview with the man who helped create Dubstep sound – King Cannibal. He talks about his music influences, new sounds, touring the States and performing in the weirdest of places. Another person who also likes to create sound is photographer and night club promoter Alex Lambrechts who is on a mission to show you how to really party.

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  • Uppror Magazine issue 003 trailer: 1.13
    The Heartbreaks

    Interviewed by Liam Stephenson and Filmed by Marcelo Munhoz de Oliveira

    Our full length exclusive video interview with The Heartbreaks now available to download with Uppror's iPad App. issue 003
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