Isberg Aquavit

  • This was done as my final project for the Design 1 class at
    Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm.
  • Scandinavian simplicity. Asian desire.
  • In 1770 a Japanese ship capsized off the coast of northern Norway. The family Isberg rescued the sailors in need and gave them shelter and food while the men needed time to repair their damaged ship. A family secret was shared when the family offered the sailors their homemade aquavit. When the sailors had repaired the ship and were ready to set sail home, the family gave them enough aquavit for the long journey ahead. It is believed that the sailors safely returned home, one of the main reasons for so was Isberg aquavit.

    Many generations have passed, but the memory of the Japanese sailors still remain, and as of autumn 2012, the family is now launching their aquavit on the Japanese market. There are two main reasons why the family believes 2012 is the perfect time for this:

  • 1: The growing globalization has opened possibilities never earlier imagined both in mass production and distribution.
    2: Globalization has led to the Japanese people over the last ten years opening their eyes to Scandi
    navian culture as both has a love for great craftsmanship, 
    high quality fish and large consummation of strong liquor in social occasions.

  • Isberg aquavit is distilled in Norway under close supervision of the Isberg family. The process is the same today as it was when the first bottle was produced over 200 years ago. Each ingredient is carefully measured to create the best possible product and when the distillation is complete, the aquavit is filled onto oak barrels that are transported by ship from the coast of northern Norway all the way to Japan where aquavit is bottled. Different temperatures and sea gives the aquavit its characteristic taste and color. Each journey is unique, making each bottle unique.

  • Wars and feuds have been fought between the nations of Scandinavia for centuries. But there is one thing that has never been up for discussion, what to drink. Aquavit is a drink most often enjoyed in social gatherings, and laughter, joy and new friendships all have a history with aquavit. The Isberg family is proud of their tradition and recognizes the importance of aquavit. Therefore, with a bottle Isberg on the table or in the glass, we feel confident that you will experience the same joy as the Isberg family has for centuries.
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