• I'm Ilitch
    graduation project
    Guidance Yaron Shin
  • "Life was't that" was the thought of Tolstoy's character Ivan Ilitch. 
    In my graduation project i'm exploring Tolstoy's book "The death of Ivan Ilitch" (1886). Ilitch lives the most normal and most terrible life. He has a wife, two children and a stylist house. Everything is "comme il fute". Until he get sick and realize that  HIS death arriving. He's testing his life from a new perspective and waiting for his life to end. 
    My project contain self portrait, clips and scan objects all related to the Ilitch insight.
    The preformence contain 11 TV screens & about 16 video art clips & an image book.
  • Making of...
  • Partial Images & videos 
  • Special thanks to Tal Blum 
  • Wizo  2012 Graduate Exhibition