• Støy Magazine
  • Almost every music magazine that´s in the stores today can feel a bit "big" and there are a lot of information on every page. So I wanted to stay away from that and focus on a more personal and down to earth approach. The way I did that was to hand draw all the pictures myself to give it that personal look. I also stripped away all the unnecessary things so that I could keep it as simple as possible.
    The magazine is mainly about indie-music. I made the heading font myself to give the magazine a modern and recognizable look. It´s printed on 120 g/m2 paper and it´s 100% recycled. The paper used on the cover is the same, just ticker 200 g/m2. I also wanted the magazine to be lager than the regular magazines so that the pictures and drawings could stand out on their own, and be something that you could cut out and maybe frame. So I went for the size 29 cm x 35 cm.
    All the featured articles are borrowed from various sources. I do not claim ownership of any of these.
    All visualls by me.