Hello, Mark Jenkins!

  • Hello, Mark Jenkins!
    Tape sculpture
  • Instalation in Ekaterinburg. 3 places and 8 figures. Hard hand craft, made with love. Also it was a good collaboration and the fun process. 

    Many Thanks to: Oksana Timofeeva, Denis Kamenshikov, Oksana Maklakova, Ivan Blinov, Griory Semenuk, Vladimir Shlokov, Tima Radya, Nataly Bublik, Ivan Telicin, Slava Zamansky, Rene fon Morren,  Ivan Vtorikh, Evgeny Kran, Pavel Fedorov.

    Camera-man: Ivan Volkov, Evgeny Ulibin
    Spider-man: Yegor Ulyankin
    Credits: Ksenia Mayakina, Stas Holkin, ekburg.tv  

  • old "Skver: cafe, Ekaterinburg,
  • We had a very short ladder. We had to climb almost on a flat wall. Yegor very well deal with it.
  • The Prosess:
     13 kg of packing tape
  • At all it took about 56 rolls of tape. This is about 13 kg. 8 sculptures.  And about 2,5 hours, 6 packing tapes and 3-4 people for making one sculpture. Then wood and wire skeleton.
  • Zoo
    Z and two zeros
  • Two sculptures in zoo. And one of them in cage whith birds of prey. We stripped them with sticks until the installed sculpture.
  • whith birds of prey
  • The Wall
    An old house
  • And this is the last one. That was easy. Really. We are well prepared and made everything very quickly. Сlose to someone celebrating a wedding. And we enjoyed a wonderful salute from the auto-tower.
  • 1st night, 6 a.m., go home
  • Thanks!