Green Loop

  • Green Loop
  • As the city is static element and the river it´s flux, dynamic counterpiece, there should be a smooth transition between those two. Unifying element of a continuous park with it´s fill according to needs and highlights of each particular parts. The continuous green park stays, as the city, as the static element. The function changes in time with current need. Transient and impermanent approach is a reaction to the city and river.

    breathing spring rain
    softly of life´s harmony
    nothing really matters now

    Define & Highlight

    First step is to define every single particular area and in terms of context to the city and river. Each area has it´s specifics, it´s own life, atmosphere, soul. It´s important to focus on characteristics and meaningful features of each district and hightlight them. Because we want Prague to gleam and twinkle.
  • Analyze & Emphasize

    What are strenghts and weaknesses of each area? How does this relate to the past and present of the city? And finally how can this influence the future? Let´s find one specific, each area has in common. It can be art, culture, historical background or just simply leisure-friendly area.
  • Fill & Function

    Once we found a specific for each area, a highligt, we can approach the function. As the city changes in time and space and nothing last forever, let´s support each areas CURRENT highlights. The function can be changed in time. This transient and temporary solution is meant to bring freshness to the city.
  • Utilize & Reconnect

    As the city is static, constant element and the river is flux, dynamic, floating counterpiece, the riverband provokes to create a dialog. The platform, shifting along the river is meant to provide a transition between the river and the city. The continuous character of the platform reconnects all quarters.
  • Execute

    Since we have a connecting platform and we know the function according to the current hightlights, now we can execute and utilize each particular area. Urban equipment and facilities are meant to complement the area and at the same time, let the users and visitors space to personalize them.
  • Energize & Enjoy

    As a transition point between the static city and the dynamic river, the space now has to be energized. By the people of course, their energy, their kind use, their movement, their love. Because sooner or later, the appearance will change as well as the water in the river. So don´t hesitate and ENJOY!
  • Karlin/Liben - Active Park     - Sportsmen
  • Mala Strana - Cultural Heritage - Cultured People
  • Nove Mesto - Business Park - Business People
  • Stare Mesto - Excellence Promenade - Haute Monde
  • Smichov - FreeStyle Park - Young Hipsters
  • Holesovice - Art Space - Artists