Google Knowledge Graph

  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Created for Made In The Now

    A Brisbane, Australia based company who every 24 hours, selects a designer to create a unique t-shirt design in response to a global news headlines. You have one hour to concept, and one hour to produce the final designs and promotional iPhone application imagery before the app goes live. 
  • Concept

    I wanted to encapsulate the essence of what the Google Knowledge Graph is by representing it as the human brain. This is because like us it becomes more efficient with experience. Each dot is represents a groove on the human brain. The size of the dot is in relation to the size of the groove. The length of the grooves is in relation the length of lines. The dots outside of the brain represent the potential growth that will occur over time.
  • T-Shirt Design 
  • Promotional Female Shirt Image
  • Promotional Female Shirt Image
  • MITN iPhone app screens showing the detail preview and shirt purchase screens. 
  • MITN iPhone app screens showing the article the shirt is based on with two preview images of models wearing the design. 
  • MITN iPhone app screens showing the conceptual reasoning behind the design, artist bio, and work in progress image. 
  •  Website Preview
  • Website Preview
  • Thank you for viewing my Google Knowledge Graph T-Shirt!  

    If you would like to learn more about the project please feel free to visit my portfolio site here!