Get out the Vote 2012 Posters

  • Get Out the Vote 2012
    Two posters encouraging voting amongst those that are apathetic through the use of vernacular typography, and bright, personal text.
  • AIGA will again mount a campaign to demonstrate the power of design in the public arena by encouraging designers to contribute to a coordinated get-out-the-vote campaign for national elections in Fall 2012. This builds on the 2004 and 2008 campaigns that placed more than 100,000 AIGA posters in public places in communities across the nation as well as provides a resource for any web user to download a pdf version to print and post or share virally. The objective is to demonstrate the value of design to citizens, public officials and businesses by providing a clear call to action for an activity that is important to everyone.
  • Type-based poster
  • Image-based poster.