To design a corporate office space for the Furnature headquarters that will include the ideologies of the company into the space.
    Furnature, an Urban Outfitters company, is opening a corporate headquarters in Philadelphia. The goal is the incorporate the materials that are typically seen in their recycled furniture, such as wood, cork and metal into the space in order to inspire the designers, and remind them of the natural world outside of the workspace. The focus of the space was to create areas for collaboration and a lounge area for employees to relax during the day. The larger spaces, such as the lounge, is separated through
    the use of wooden beams to continue the sense of nature into the office space. Additionally, all elements are made from recycled materials to reinforce the purpose of Furnature.
  • Floor Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Entry Area Perspective
  • Sales Area Perspective
  • Lounge Perspective
  • Selected Furniture, Lighting & Materials