Flint & Tinder - Made In America Advertising Campaign

  • Using a Kickstart project, I chose to explore a new way to advertise men's basic underwear by focusing on Flint & Tinder's all-American manufactured product. The kickstarter project is "redefining what it means to be made in America". I chose to emphasize that in my "Made In America" campaign featuring rugged, yet refined American men to showcase these 100% Made In America products. I wanted to add a subtle twist of humor to the typical men's underwear advertising campaigns and tell a story through these advertisements.
  • http://www.flintandtinderusa.com/
  • Single Page Magazine Ads:
  • Two-Page Magazine Spread
  • Billboard Design
  • This app is designed for men to be able to put their face on any of the three featured Flint & Tinder characters: The Flint & Tinder Farmer, The Flint & Tinder Cowboy, and The Flint & Tinder Mountain Man. After they upload and place an image of their face, their new Flint & Tinder Body can be shared across social media sights.