Endless Possibilities - Final Major Project

  • Package Design for White T-Shirts 
    Final Major Project at Norwegian School of Creative Studies (NSCS)
  • Brief:


    I choose white t-shits. The reason for that is because it works with everything. Almost every color or shape fits with the white t-shirt. Then I made a concept for a store i Bergen, Norway, called Pepper. The idea is that the store shows the customers all the endless possibilities that you have with a single plain white t-shirt. That is the reason for why I called the package "Endless Possibilities". By showing the t-shirt together with other clothes that they have in their store, will also increase the profit for Pepper.


    The Dieline
    - Going to be featured in [BranD] Magazine (more info coming soon)

  •  The brochure is supposed to strengthen the concept. That is why I choose to show all the endless possibilities you have with the t-shirt. I also wanted to give the brochure a little extra something to make it more special, so I choose to print it on white t-shirt fabric. All the pages inside is fabric and the cover outside is paper 250 gm2.

  • Wanted the logo to reflect the statement, Endless Possibilities. That's why I choose to set the letters up different from each other, to show all the endless possibilities you have with the t-shirt (and the typography).