Ekströms Wildberry Soups - Redesign Student Work

  • Ekströms Wildberry Soups
    Redesign and Student Work
  • Our assignment was to redesign a package that visually wasn't strong. I chose blueberry soup from Ekströms. Wanted to give the blueberry soup/juice/drink a homemade feeling, so the packaging, paper and typo was specifically designed to give it that homemade and handmade feeling. In the front of the packaging there is a big photo of the different berries to clearly show the difference between the flavours. Underneath there is a water drop to show that you blend the powder inside with water, then you end up with the finished product; the soup/juice. There is also 33% less packaging then on the previous one. And the paper bags inside that contains the powder, uses 50% less paper. So this new and improved packaging is much more environmentally friendly.


    - Going to be featured in [BranD] Magazine (Issue coming November 2012)
  • All three soups.
  • Blueberry  Soup // Front and back
  • Raspberry Soup // Front and back
  • Blackberry Soup // Front and back
  • All three soups
  • To open just drag the top off.
  • Close-up back 
  • Close-up back
  • Paper: 200gm matt paper with a little texture, off-white color.
  • Seen from the side.
  • Before, original packaging.
  •  Process
  • Sketchbook
  • Sketchbook
  • Sketchbook
  • Sketchbook
  • Sketchbook
  •  Featured in BranD Magazine November/December Issue 2012