• Visual Design elements. Eco Notebook
    following Spring: Icograda Design Week in Vilnius 9-13 May 2011
  • Project "Visual design elements" was contained: "Installation", "Representative case" and "Eco Notebook". Each Part was compiled under the same Theme: "Spring: Icograda design Week".
    A Name of Project:
    "Eco Notebook"
    Concept and Project by Laima Lisauskiene
    Photos: Rimantas Akutaitis
    Give power to designers!
    What ever your drawing style or media preference, you’ll need some traditional, high quality sketchbook – and you won’t find a better range than "ECO Notebook". A perfectly executed Eco-friendly Notebook. The concept was developed of a sustainable, reusable way, to be visually and aesthetically closer to other elements of Spring: IcogradaDesign Week, Vilnius 2011. Designed for graphic designers as a tool for idea visualization and image creation.

    Format: A5
    Top Cover – Corrugated cardboard: 401EB
    Ground Cover – Corrugated cardboard: 312B
    Inside paper – 20% waste brown paper
    Pages: 40
    Binding: black metal spiral