• Egopostale©
    From the "alter" to the graphic styles... the Power of the idea...
  • This was my first project in editorial design.

    The concept is to promote by first time my own work by developing an object that could be given to somebody like a bussiness card, but adding it fun under a postcard design..

    To be honest the concept EGOPOSTALE© was a character design self test that was supposed to allow me use my EGO to transmit my own presence through the graphic creation. So thats the real menaning of the concept "make the work
    talk about who is and what does the artist specializes at"

    EGOPOSTALE© was born in classroom as a college project so everybody in my class made one, the destination of the cards were given to people in the enterprise sector, the goods and services market related with graphic design and visual arts
  • This is a little tease of my edition Its name is "Tanky"  the Candy Shooter...
  • The back side of the post card contains some postal stuff, my contact info and the concept slogan:

    "The impact of the idea, depends of the power of the shooters mind".

    Here are some samples of the graphic linework...