DiverseABILITY Forum

  • DiverseABILITY Forum
    September to October 2011
  • For its first show of the 2011-2012 season, Georgetown University Department of Theater and Performance Studies produce an originally written and ensemble-driven work titled Visible Impact. Conceived by theater professor Susan Lynskey—who also directed the show—the production included a three-day weekend forum concentrating on issues of deaf and disability in society and performance. The "DiverseABILITY Forum" brochure was a schedule of events that occurred during that weekend.


    Pitch: Playing on the idea of the geometric perfection of the Vitruvian man, the square and circle elements are intersected by lines which reveal—in-between the perfectly fractured geometry—perfection in its own right: deafness, disability, blindness, etc. It is in these so-called “imperfections” do we see the full and diverse abilities that humans—of any kind—truly possess.
  • For more information, please visit www.theexquisitecollection.com.