Cycle On

  • Cycle On
    Building Infrastructure Together
  • Cycle On is an organization that engages initiative todevelop economies, apply sustainable practices, and improve infrastructurethrough the power and simplicity of a bamboo bike. We work to help make theconnection between small bike shops throughout the United States to build fundsthat enable start-up bike shops in parts of Third World Africa to beestablished. The way we see it, if there’s a small business owner who is trulypassionate about selling bikes and bettering the local community why not expandthat passion to places around the world that truly need it? We provide thatplatform and make it naturally simple.

    My solution for this branding project was to make somethingthat felt simple, approachable, and natural. The brand language works aroundusing recycled wood boards, bamboo and craft papers as substrates for anyphysical materials. Colors would be limited to 3 colors for any sort ofprinting, and design would consist of simple text and easily accessible layout architecture.To bring the messages out in a more visual sense the text is supported by large-scalebackground illustrations, giving all the materials a strong presence in anyenvironment. 
  • Now, get out and ride a bike!

    Thank you.