Cutting Words Kills the Message

  • This project was shortlisted for the Roses Student Awards 2012
  • Bus shelter / Press Ad
  • Bus shelter / Press Ad
  • Bus shelter / Press Ad
  • 48 sheet poster
  • Logo
  • Roses Awards Brief:
    "Wot R U doin?"

    Every important period of human life had a voice, a person that, with the right words and a memorable quote, made a difference. Those people have gone to the annals of human kind as the tipping point that sparked change. They have been our inspiration.

    For us it is impossible to conceive that the world is willingly running out of words. Now, more than ever, this world need inspiring speeches, unforgettable quotes, and long lasting words to stir us back in the right direction. What will happen if those words are no longer there when we need them the most?

    To avoid that we created and organization dedicated to keep words alive and to make people understand that the only way to communicate effectively is through the use of all the words the english language puts at our service. To give our organization a proper identity, we created a logo inspired by the first and the last letters of the alphabet, encouraging people to use all the letter they can find between "A" and "Z".

    For our posters, we used some examples of the people that have left a mark on the world. We created their faces with their most important legacy to humanity: their words. This works as a reminder that if their words were abbreviated, their memory would be deleted from our history. The lines chosen play with their own words to make the reader understand that any form of abbreviation weakens the message.

    Our objective is to make people use words properly. Words tell other people who we are, how we feel and what we want. Shortening them says less about you and what you think.

    Work in collaboration with Eugenio Desanti.