•  Contrast
  • My aim was to create a panel that makes aliving and continuously altering surface on the wall. Light and surfaces createan integral relation with each other just like the relation of flowers and theSun. The surface changes with the different phases of the day. 
  • I was looking for solutions for complete formattachments and I analyzed the berth of systems on system. Therefore I examinedthe stratified treatment of the tile’s forms, edges and shadows. The traditional tile was distorted by tilting, stretching and frittering. This gives thefirst system on which the pattern was created with the combination of shadowsand plains.
  • The second layer is created by the edgeslinking the pitches at one pyramidal point. For the thus evolving positiveelements a negative pair was constructed in order to have a livelier surface.The third layer is defined by the proportion of these surfaces.
  • Two variations were created; a ceramicmodel and a concrete model. In case of the concrete paneling the positive andnegative elements are the symmetrical pairs of each other. In case of theceramic model, the height of the positive elements is twice as big as the depthof the negative elements.
  • The Contrast paneling can be adjusted andtailor-made in countless variations. Thus the rigid panel can be turned toanyone’s personality, from completely regular, traditional surface to aself-buliding cloud like system.
  • Moholy-Nagy University Of Art And Design Budapest
    Consultant: Péter Kemény
    BA / I.