Construction Site Pub • Interior

    Łódź, Poland
    Interior Design: JW
    CG Artist: Jan Wadim Sekuła
    Project of the exterior and the interior of a pub in Lodz's city center. The architecture of the building was influenced by the Water House, the Berlin Tempelhof airport and many others, but mainly inspired by Lodz's typical architecture. The city is rich in XIX century buildings. Some are more beatiful then others, but almost all are in terrible condition. A decay on such a huge scale is upsetting but also, in a way, very inspiring.

    The construction is based on giant steel pillars which support the steel ceiling and the 'hanging' front wall. This wall is the most important aspect of the project. It symbolizes naked walls which can be spotted all over the city. They are a result of the demolision of old tenement houses in betweeen them. This one particular element shows traces of many 'life stories' of people who used to live in the building. A few holes where a picture used to hung and some remainings of wallpapers reminds of old inhabitants lifes and we can have a little peak into the building's past.

    The worn out appearance of pillars and walls inspired me to create an interior full off constructional equipement, like lamps, nets, bars or even an elevator shell, in order to give this place an exceptional

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