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  • Ciclo de Conversas - Cycle of Talks

  • “Ciclo de Conversas”, means “Cycle of Talks”, an annual design and multimedia conference where speakers would share their experiences.
    I developed a Generative Identity and all its applications. Its system is focused on research and strong concept to create rules, so each speaker would have his own logo generated by a script.
    Every letter of the alphabet was recorded with my voice, the wave length was revolved, producing different diameters. Each letter was distributed to a colour from the spectrum. This new alphabet can be read in two ways and could also be projected on surfaces.
  • The Alphabet
  • Applications, Identity Manual and Ipad App
  • The research started by finding a keyword that reminded a universal way of communication that could be related with the name of the convention. Eventually, the tree of words gathered around this research, converged to audio frequencies and magnetic tapes. Without sound, and it's wave frequencies we could not talk, which is the basis of communication.
  • The circular parts from the audio tape reminded me of a ruller and the motion of the tape leaded me to think of, geographic coordinates, parallel lines and meridians. Which leaded to something that looked like a radar.
  • Because it resembles of a radar, I realised that instead of measuring angles or geographic coordinates, It could measure propagation of the sound, so a new metric system was created, where the letters of the Abecedarium were the new measurements.
  • A gird was created through revolving the wave lenght of the sound, and producing a circular grid that is
    proportional to the wave lenght.
  • Every letter of the alphabet was recorded with my voice, the wave length was revolved, producing different diameters. This stands for the first letters of each word "Ciclo de Conversas", the name of this conference.
  • A metric system was invented, where the letters of the Abecedarium were the the new measurements. The center of each letter would be the coordinate of the center of each circle that represents that letter. The logo was designed with the intersection of all the initial letters from the name of the convention.
  • Because this is about communication, in this example, only the intersection of the propagation between the center of J and M are valid. Everything else is redundant, its naturally noise.
    These type of rules needed to be created in order to write a script in processing that was able to produce interesting results to every possible combination of words. So each speaker could have his own logo.
  • Since you can convert audio frequencies to the visible light spectrum, each letter has its own color, ranging from all visible colors.
  • Two languages were developed with the new alphabet;
    - One where each first letter is directly translated into the whole word. 
    - Another where every letter is used, but the ones that represent the letters used in the sentence are filled.
  • An activation manual was also created. Each letter could be overlayed and projected into surfaces.