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  • Check'd Out is a campaign focused on reaching out to everyday consumers to make them aware of their spending. Shopping is America's past time. We love to shop because it's a way of taking part in society and sharing traditions and values. We shop to create meaningful lives. But there is disconnect between desire and fulfillment and a gap between what we want and what we can actually have. Shopping hides the means of exploitation, the explosion of consumer debt and persuasiveness of dual-income households. It's how we satisfy our needs to socialize.

    | The Problem |
    We shop too much. How do we satisfy our needs to socialize?

    | The Challenge |
    Make people aware of their spending as a nation through recorded data and statistics. This will insure how many people spend money in a certain amount of time through specific situations from the past few years in our economy. We are not telling you to give up spending all together, we want to inform you about making the right choices. Do you really need it? Can you live without it? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

    | The Solution |
    Check'd Out is hosting a webinar on January 16, 2012 to enlighten anyone who is interested in the sociologist's view point on why we shop, how we shop, and why we over-consume. It breaks down the personality of a shopper by the emotions we feel, why we feel them, and the actions we make while interacting with others who shop. Guest appearances from big names in the fashion industry talk and share their thoughts about this issue.

    “Learning to steer your way between what you desire and what you know is right”.
    Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semi-Finalist 2012
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