Chaise Portrait

  • Chaise Portrait

  • 'Chaise Portrait' was originally my individual project from university. It then was chosen from over 60 different chair designs to be made and developed further by a group with myself being the creative director. 

    The concept behind 'Chaise Portrait' is creating a self-portrait of the user. It is a chair that comes alive when in use and makes the user become noticed. When not in use it sits alone as a framed piece that arises questions about purpose.
    The style of the chaise was changed dramatically. It was changed to an elegant style and was adapted to a simple black and white contrast. It was also changed to two pieces; this was to relate the aesthetic towards a traditional renaissance chaise shape. The subtle grooves in the chaise create a subtle hint of the intended use, implying that it is a chaise. 
    There was also a (1: 6) scale model made, this was to show the frame in relation to the chaise and also to show that the user steps onto the frame and 'into' the portrait.

    Process: The chaise was made by 3D modeling in SolidWorks, then transferred to a STL file and made from wood using a CNC router. It is held up by brackets that penetrate the wall and hold the chaise up, so they are non-existant to the viewer. This gives the design a touch of mystery.

    Design Team: Max Holz, Brenna McGuiness, Hannah Warren, Kohen Judd ( and Philippa Shipley.