Cardiff Cabs

  • Cardiff Cabs as by the name is a taxi service based in Cardiff Bay. My goal was to rebrand the company, as the company is based by the bay this was a big influence on the color used, i wanted the color to seem friendly and inviting while keeping a by the sea side feel retaining the roots of the company.

    For the main type face i used Arial as this is a type face everyone can identify with and that we all trust as its used on important documents and is usually a default typeface so its very recognisable. For the middle part (the A and B) i wanted it to reflect something subliminal onto the company so i created a 'road shape' between the A and B so this represented a journey you take with Cardiff Cabs getting you from A to B as quick as possible, perfect for a taxi company. 

    As for the 'Cardiff' bit its self i used a script type called 'Tartain' this was to give a personal feel to where the company was based, this can be changed if the company decides to expand such as 'Liverpool Cabs'