Braun cruzer

  • Braun Cruzer
    Be a different man anyday

  • ¬†Integrated campaign.

    Ambient augmented reality
    set up augmented reality white walls in public places.
    When men stand in front of the white wall a facial hair can be selected via smartphone augmented reality. The photos can then be shared on facebook, twitter or via text
  • Smartphone app:
  • Augmented reality posters:

    These adverts look like normal print adverts, however when a smarphone is hovered over them they come to life, showing the facial hair change for each girl dated. Below is the still images of the augmented reality transitions.
  • Augmented reality poster 2:
  • Smartphone app:
  • Facebook page: the Braun Playbook
  • made with Chantal Van Der Linden