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    Jost Hochuli event invite
  • This invitation/flyer project was developed as part of the PrePress course in the Graduate Communications Design program at Pratt Institute. The class was directed towards learning to setup, prepare and apply image alterations, manipulations and printing techniques that met a professional standard.

    Spot color enhancements, duotones, creative duotones, quadtones, PMS colors and other techniques were part of the learning and experimentations process. This was an open-ended project were I chose my topic, wrote all the copy, shot the photography, designed and produced the final invitation/flyer.

    Jost Hochuli is a book designer and typographer I have admired for some years. He was the perfect “client” for this imaginary event. The concept was faithful to Hochuli's Swiss heritage and visual style through all his work. All logos used, remain property of the individual entities and were only used as part of this student project.

    Sketching, as always, played a vital role in developing a concept before even turning on the computer.