Benim Adim Istanbul (Book Cover redesign)

  • Benim Adim Istanbul
    My Name Is Istanbul
  • This project was created during my Erasmus internship in Istanbul. The brief was to design a new cover with own designed or manipulated letters for an existing book. The second goal was to create posters with each letter on its own. The title is about 17 letters and the book has also 17 chapters, so I decided to print stickers from every letters and use them on different places, which are connecting to the parts of the book.  
  • A few examples from the poster series
  • A No.:6

    “I am Istanbul, and and can anyopne deny that my streets of gold, my silvery silhouette, my beguiling countenance, has bewitched the most influental and enlightened, from Constanine the Great and Mehmet the Conqueror, to Alexander the Great and Peter the Great, from Napoleon and Churchill, to Atatürk? The summits of my seven hearts, my seven hills, are indeed clad in purest gold.”

  • M No.:9

    “Ortaköy is a bustling, buzzing hotspot today, but in the 9th century it was one of my many Bosphorus villages, the middle (orta) village (köy), in fact. Ortaköy is a beauty true and timeless, just like me!”

  • I No.:10

    “The “Tower of Leandros” to those who built it in 341, the Maiden’s Tower is still one of my most precious adornments: silhouetted against the sea, an island for one elegant in its solitude. NOt unlike me, I dare say, wich is my the names Istanbul and Maiden’s Tower have become synonymous.”

  • S No.:11

    "The tower and the bridge Of Galata are the two of my oldest urban fittings. To the north of the Golden Horn lies Galata, my most European district, said by some to have been settled by the birth of Christ."
  • T No.:12

    "What that I could sip coffee at Markiz, stroll through the courtyard of Dogan Apartment, sleep at the Pera Palas and step onto a red tramway on the arm of a sweetheart."
  • A No.:13

    “Naturally, I myself do not indulge in marzipan, but if you did, it would be here, in Bebek. They say the recipe is secret, but I do belive that the view of the Bosphorus enhances its aromatic balance of bitter and sweet!”
  • B No.:15

    “On the first of my seven hills, in the the middle of the historic peninsula, arises my magnificient duo and source of pride: the sublime Hagia Sophia and the mighty Sultanahmet! They stand side by side, Hagia Sophia, legacy of the Byzantines, and Sultanahmet, legacy of the Ottomans, together, they are Istanbul and they are Turkey.”