Barça Toons: Tron

  • This project was intended for the Champions League Quarter-final match involving FC Barcelona and Shaktar Donesk. 

    It was latter reconverted to fit the Spanish "Copa del Rey" Final with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. That ment that the cup 3D model had to be changed and the color of the opponent bikes had to changed to fit the event.

    The client let full creative control to MUF Animation and it came up with the idea of creating a clip inspired in the recent movie Tron: Legacy.
  • This is the final piece aired by the client at BarçaTV
  • Making of created by Nestor Prado
  • Credits
  • Client: FC Barcelona
    Studio: MUF Animation

    Story Board, Concept Art, and BG: Ini G. Cusí
    Animation & Lighting: Arnau Solà Vila
    Prop Modeling, Render & Compositing: Nèstor Prado

  • Concept Art & Story Board