Baiiiiiiii's Card

  • Baiiiiiiii's Card
  • 名片上的4个要素,做成4种形状多种颜色的贴纸,然后叫一帮人来按自己喜好把4种贴纸贴在空白名片上,名片背面的图案是3D的。一共做出了不超过80张名片,都已派完了。

    There're 4 elements of the business card. They were made into 4 kinds of stickers in 4 shapes with various colors. Then I called some friends to stick the 4 stickers onto blank cards as they like. And the pattern on the back of the card was 3D. Only less than 80 of the cards were made. And they were all sent out.
  • 张葱是一名插画家、漫画家。

    Baiiiiiiii is an illustrator and comic artist.