Axe & Flannel

  • Axe & Flannel is a fictional men’s grooming and lifestyle brand inspired by the current trend of lumberjack culture in fashion. With more brand personality than Paul Bunyan himself, Axe & Flannel is a brand for the modern man. Featuring products such as Beard Conditioner, ‘Stache Shampoo, and Chest Hair Mousse, it is sure to leave a lasting impression.
  • Each product has been carefully crafted to coincide with the slightly sarcastic brand image; everything from selecting the perfect plaid pattern, to the hidden messages on each product. The user is rewarded each time they purchase and open a new container of their favorite product with a small, witty remark under the lid, on the bottom of a box, or even tucked inside a box panel.
  • Each scent is differentiated by color, and carefully named to maintain the brand’s personality. Scents like, “Sweaty Pine,” “Smoked Bacon & Mountain Oak,” and “Fresh Cedar Chips & Chainsaw Exhaust” are sure to demand attention in a retail environment, and peak the interest of new and existing consumers alike.
  • The clean, vintage inspired style and muted earth tones used for the branding not only set Axe & Flannel apart from its competitors, but also allow room for product growth. The design is simple and recognizable, maintaining a touch of class, with plenty of room for several touches of sarcasm.
    Founded by Abernathy Axe and Richard Flannel in 1946, Axe & Flannel began as an attempt to save a dying breed; The Lumberjack. For Axe and Flannel, no log was too big, no forest too wide. Two men so manly they could make any woman swoon within a 10 mile radius. So strong they could snap redwoods in their bare hands. So handsome they made grizzly bears weep and newborn babies cry. Today we continue their legacy, taking pride in all of our hand made products and top quality, all natural ingredients. Because we all secretly have a romantic relationship with our facial hair, and can never have too many pancakes. So carry on gentlemen, and keep the dream alive.