Autonomo 2030 Concept

  • Autonomo 2030 Concept
    Autonomous Mobility
  • Autonomo is a fully automated vehicle system designed for the year 2030 to overcome many of the major problems facing many of the world’s major cities. Autonomo will act as a single organism seamlessly functioning across the entire city’s road network to complete the sole task of safe, fast and energy-efficient transportation. Its sources of inspiration are drawn from biomimicry, sustainability, artificial intelligence and information technology.

    Autonomo also uses an onboard computer system to perform the various processes involved in driving, including, but not limited to, monitoring and controlling the vehicle, perceiving the environment and various objects around it, and communicating and anticipating events in its immediate surroundings.

    The vehicle uses overlapping layers of sensors to build a live feed of its environment. By combining advanced analytics with 3D data from a variety of sensors, Autonomo is able to artificially, yet accurately, understand the world in great detail at a faster rate than what is typically possible for vehicles being driven by the most experienced professional drivers.

    When Autonomo vehicles cross paths, they will automatically for a group and synchronize their movements in “platoon mode” much like a school of fish and follow each other at 20 centimeter distances. This enables Autonomo vehicles to reduce most of its energy consumption.

    Autonomo vehicles constantly synchronize the data it collects to build an understanding of citywide traffic conditions. Its centralized database is constantly updated and will be used to predict changes in transportation needs based on the conditions that affect traffic flow. Using archived data together with a constant flow of new data, this system will be able to continuously balance any anticipated mobility demands across the entire road network.

    Autonomo shares the same length and wheelbase as the 2007 Mini Cooper, however it is only 1150 mm wide allowing for two Autonomo vehicles to fit in a single lane or parking spot. The overall smaller form and small frontal facade allows for significant reduction in form resistance and its width doubles capacity of any standard width lane.

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