Assorted Posters #01

  •  #01      assorted posters series
  • This is a series of assorted posters that were produced for different events through the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012. Here you can find single-event posters built pro-bono for charity and exhibits.
    From a christmas-driven charity poster for Secondary School Dr. Joaquim Gomes Ferreira Alves aimed for little kids, to a charity gathering of several cultural products for a Chestnut Party party aimed for teenagers, we've developed different languages as an experimental ground of graphic illustration.
    You can also find a musical event focusing on academic chants of Portuguese Oporto / Coimbra Fado, howling at the modern concrete moon, and an exhibit print as a conceptual interpretation of my beloved old&dirty city - Oporto - that was part of  Take Away Porto collective exhibit earlier in January.
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