• Archnarrative
  • Archnarrative was born out of the dramatic structure of story telling. The dramatic arc of traditional story telling knows five stages; Exposition, Rising action, Climax, Falling action and the revelation/catastrophe. In stark contrast the current movement in motion design which only purpose it to impress and wow. Archnarrative is an attempt to use abstract animation as a mean to an end. It tells the story of two objects that are intrinsically different and yet living on the same space. Fighting each other over control that doesn't have any grip or friction. The spectator can watch the fierce combat that only seems to have short term effects that feels useless and endless until it's Catastrophe.

    The sound design is from the amazing playground festival 2009 trailer. The animation is done by studio Onesize and the sound design (that i used for my animation) was done by the super talented studio Takt.