Alt Luxury Transport

  • Description
    This university project applied principles of differentiation, to create a brand both visually and ethically removed from competitors in the chosen sector – 'public transport'.
    Initial research revealed a gap in the market for a luxury public transport brand, which was capatalised on with the conceptualisation of 'ALT'. As a brand, ALT differentiates from competitors by offering premium services, with a primary focus on traveller privacy and luxury comforts. Considered branding applications were developed to further differentiate ALT from existing public transport brands, utilising prestigious design elements to appeal to a more refined target market.
    Galaxie-copernicus by Klim Type Foundry
    Gotham Narrow by Hoefler & Frere-Jones
  • Logo Inspirations
  • Primary Logo
  • Elements from the logo were flipped and rotated, producing a shape which titled seamlesly into a branded pattern.
  • Branding Applications
  • An iPhone & iPad app was designed in accordance with ALT's offering of luxury and traveller comforts. The app would feature on iPads mouted in all ALT services, providing each traveller with entertainment or work tools during their commute. Travellers would also be able to navigate to the brand's monthly  iPad magazine, designed to combat the litter of newspapers on current transport services.
  • The brand name ALT is a false acronym. The ‘L’ and ‘T’ of ‘Luxury Transport’ are accompanied by an ‘A’ to form an iconic and easily pronounced word. The false acronym is exploited in the brand's advertising campaign.