All Made Up

  • All Made Up

  • This project, we were challenged to leave our zone. Having brought mostly portraiture and fashion images to class, I decided to create a spread of still life/product images. Though I was not really leaving my zone as I am comfortable with and enjoy shooting product, it still counted. I believe that still life photography is photography for people who love the technical side of things, so it was nice to take a break from the schmoozing of fashion and just get in the studio, on my own, and find a way to make it interesting for myself. I chose to shoot make-up as a way to bridge it with my other work. When I found the lipstick case in the store I pretty much dropped everything. I am obsessed with its matte black quilting mixed with some gloss finish. It was a big inspiration for the finished piece. In the end, I created patterns with the images and I am very happy with how they turned out.