• Alibi
    Travel Mug
  • Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day. François Hurtaud and I started working on a coffee recipient project with this simple yet self explaining statement. We built a very straight forward brief, which allowed us to guide and enhanced our creativity through out this 3 days project. I wanted the shape to be quite classical but supported with fine details and a high end appeal, making it a highly desirable cup. François wanted it to be an eco-friendly cup which lead us to choose natural materials in the manufacturing process, those one being Cork and Porcelain. Then, thanks to trends research, usage tests and interviews conducted in an afternoon, we identified an opportunity in the "take out" field.

    Here is Alibi, a travel mug named after a latin word meaning "elsewhere", and created to make your coffee experience an even more overwhelming evasion.

    1 month team project - François Hurtaud -